Civil Engineering Associates, INC.

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Civil Engineering - The firm is experienced with all aspects of engineering project development including site investigations, preliminary and detailed design, and services during construction. Major engineering practice areas are:


Wastewater Disposal & Water Supply: Civil Engineering Associates has undertaken a variety of projects involving water supply and wastewater disposal. Assignments have ranged from studies and designs for on-site residential water supply and wastewater disposal to design of major facilities and systems for industrial and municipal clients. Water supply services include water resources development, system planning, design of storage, transmission and distribution facilities, system network analysis and system rehabilitation. Wastewater services include studies and evaluations of disposal alternatives, design of sewage and storm water collection systems and system rehabilitation

Stormwater Management: Stormwater management solutions require development of sustainable treatment alternatives on a site specific basis combined with and understanding of land use planning and long term operational considerations. CEA has provided stormwater management planning, design, and permitting services to a variety of public and private sector projects including new residential subdivisions, urban infill projects, State airports, and large commercial developments. CEA has also designed stormwater retrofit systems to meet stormwater impaired watershed treatment goals.

Traffic Engineering & Roadway Design: Civil Engineering Associates has substantial experience in traffic engineering and roadway design, including property line/right-of-way surveying, utilities design and relocation, feasibility studies, preliminary and final roadway design, and services during construction.

Land Use Planning & Engineering Feasibility Studies: Civil Engineering Associates (CEA) has successfully completed a substantial number of planning and engineering feasibility studies. Study areas addressed include: provision of utilities; drainage; structural analysis and design; foundations and soils; and zoning, permitting and site access requirements.

Services for Lending Institutions: Since 1984, Civil Engineering Associates (CEA) has provided engineering study, site observation and evaluation services to banks and other project financing institutions on well over 100 development projects. As the lending institution's technical representative, CEA will ensure that the projects as conceived are feasible and that they are built in conformance with relevant requirements of the loan agreement. Services include: Feasibility Studies, Preliminary Analyses, Periodic Requisition Review, Construction Consultations, Project Closeout